Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eco-friendly Easter

Happy Easter everyone! This year we're keeping it crunchy. The Easter Bunny has been hard at work trying to find healthy and fun basket fillings. Traditionally my family has always done fairly small baskets; for us the holiday is a simple one. The first thing I ordered was a little something for the bath from LUSH. And who doesn't love LUSH!  LUSH is an eco-friendly company that never tests on animals. Many of their products are fair trade and sustainable. I found this adorable bath bomb in the shape of a robot, and a plus for me these cutie bots have a calming effect to help my kidos sleep better.


As a super bonus I'm going to use the  packaging from my LUSH order to fill the bottom of the basket. When Easter is over this awesome little piece of potato starch will become food for my house plants.

The next thing that will adore the baskets this year is a set of wonderful paints by glob colors. I got really lucky with a nu and nugs adventures contest and won 50% off at glob colors! Glob has paints made entirely out of fruits, vegetables and herbs. The paints are non-toxic and have no artificial dyes. I can't wait to open them up and get to painting. They are supposed to smell incredible. 
glob Paint Kit

My boys love puzzles! Nic will work on a 50 piece puzzle for an hour. So keeping in my better for the earth theme I went straight to Melissa and Doug. Melissa and Doug make handcrafted wooden toys. You can find the online, at Toys R Us and Target. The hubby got our puzzles at Toys R Us.
Melissa and Doug

Now here is my big find... books made out of 98% recycled paper. How amazing is that? The book series is called Green Start and it's by Innovation Kid. Nic gets In the Rain forest and it includes a puzzle. I picked Matt up a match up called Mamas and Babies.
Innovative Kids

What Easter Basket wouldn't be complete without a little something sweet, so I got Happy Tot  fruit and veggie pouches. They are delicious and nutritious! Annie's Organic Fruit Snack will also go in the baskets this year. I love Annie's! Annie's is quality food for kids. The bonus is they are fruit snacks shaped like....Bunnies! lol

I am very excited this year. It feels really good to know that my kids will have a great Easter and we are doing are part to be able to enjoy a less polluted Easter today and in the future.

Happy Easter!

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