Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sun Power

 So when I was just starting with cloth diapers I asked  Melissa, my sister, why she hadn't cloth diapered her kids. She said she would put her oldest in pre-folds when he would get bad diaper rashes, but it had always kind of grossed her out a little when the diapers would get stained. I had only line dried my dipes at the time (my dryer was on hiatus boo!) and never had any staining. So when  little man had some tummy issues this week that left some pretty bad stains on the inserts from my pocket diapers I took some pictures to demonstrate the Power of the Sun. The sun has amazing bleaching power. (natural bleaching power) A few hours in the sun and voila good as new. Check it out.
Poor kid-o you can see all the stains the diarrhea left.
      a couple hours later inserts are as good as new. 

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