Monday, April 1, 2013

shhh...I have a secret for you

I have a new love-  Secrets of a Pinup (S.O.A.P.) skin care! Ladies, I'm sure you can identify with me when I say that I have tried every skin care product out there. Growing up I have always had issues with my skin. I've never really known how to take care of it. Along comes Dayna Rae and her "world renowned Vintage and Retro inspired skin care products." How fabulous does that sound?!
Secrets of a Pinup
First I have to say that Dayna Rae is so personable. She was quick and knowledgeable when I had questions on which product would be right for my skin. My package arrived in the mail two days after I ordered and I opened it up to wash my face right away. The French Silk cleanser smells amazing! It is my all time favorite cleanser. It's the only one I've ever used that truly cleans without over drying. Other products I've found will clean and  leave an oily reside behind; this is so not the case with French Silk. After cleansing my skin looks bright and youthful. Then you use the High Ball toner, this toner is made to get rid of extra oil so I only use it on my oily parts. I finish up with Satin-Luxe moisturizer and oh how my skin loves this! Lately I've noticed a few new wrinkles (chasing after a three and one year old will do that). But thanks to Satin-Luxe nobody knows I only get four hours of sleep each night. If I could only use one word to describe Secrets of a Pinup it would be quality! Her products are made in the U.S.A. and never tested on animals.

So here's my "before" pic. I know it's scary! lol

And my after pic!  Transformed into Pinup Perfect!!

Well I cheated a little and put on eye make up. I just couldn't stand showing another "naked" face pic. lol  But seriously no foundation! 

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