Friday, May 10, 2013

Vintage Dress Fail

I started wearing dresses after Nic was born. My whole body shaped had changed and I just didn't feel comfortable in jeans anymore, and a pretty dress will make you feel so... pretty. Some days when I'm being short with the kids and I'm feeling overwhelmed trying to accomplish everything I will just put on a dress and my whole attitude will change. I'll smile more, sit up taller, and just feel happier. I think because it's a small thing I do for myself.
Now I am always on the hunt for beautiful, affordable retro dresses. We do not have a rockabilly or retro store nearby so I go online; which can mean ending up with a lemon or two. I bought this one vintage house dress on etsy and I absolutely love it. Well....the hubby hates it! lol So the dress doesn't flatter but it's really comfortable.
So I thought maybe it's the colors and if I could change that he'd like it a little better, and I set off to make another one myself. I'm pretty good at the sewing machine but I've never sewn a dress and especially without a pattern. I do like a challenge.
I have to say I did a good job! It is a really well put together dress...that I hate! I get it now why Hector doesn't like it. With the color change it totally showed the lack of shape. Boo! Oh well it was great sewing practice and a major sewing confidence boost. I can't wait to try another dress! Now what to do with the dress?!
the original

simple A line for the bottom

the hardest part was measuring and cutting

don't you love the pattern

oh yes the ironing

turning out so cute

ummm....not so much! lol


  1. I like the dress you made it's very cute. I bet you could sell it :)

  2. Yes, I bet you could sell it! Maybe a longer, more fitted bodice with a few darts in the bust would make a big difference in the shape of it. I do have some dresses that I hate to wear in public but they are so comfy for around the house or working in the yard, so if you hate to get rid of it, you could hang on to it for days like that. I'm dying to sew one of these this summer:

    1. Thank you for the link! I think I just found my next sewing project!