Monday, May 6, 2013

Mustache First Birthday

I'm so sorry! I have been gone for way too long! Matty turned one! Hooray! Boo! One already...No not yet. I love watching my little guy grow up, but sometimes I wish he would do it a little slower. The big day still happened, so we had to party in style. The hubs and I decided to go with the trend and have an awesome mustache party. Here are the highlights.


What to wear? My mom went down to the craft store and picked up  half a yard of mustache fabric and the possibilities became endless. I ended up sewing two mustache tie shirts for the boys and one mustache cloth diaper for Matt.

What's for dessert? I made mustache cookies(yummy). The cupcakes are basic yellow cake, but I made the mustache toppers of milk chocolate, white chocolate and butterscotch. Then for a little extra I got some suckers added a mustache sticker then headed to the dollar store. There I picked up floral sponge foam to put into the bottom of  tupperware that I covered in mustache duct tape. A little colored grass on top and perfection!

What to eat? I decided not to make all the food and we just had the local Mexican food market cater. Can we say muy  delicioso! (Sorry no pic)
What to give my guest as a thank you? Jelly belly and Skittle filled  bags.

Most importantly we had our big birthday boy there!!!

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