Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who- Whooo's a Genius?

I have a wonderful post today. In the mail I received the cutest little owl lens buddy from Sisa's Stitches. I won it in a contest held by Nu And Nugs Adventures. They have awesome reviews and giveaways. So what I won was a genius idea to get your little one to look at the camera lens when your taking a picture. How many times has your baby been smiling and being adorable until you run to get a picture then nothing. Well at Sisa's Stitches on etsy they have wonderful handmade lens buddys. It's a little owl that goes around the lens of your camera to get your little guy to look at the camera. I love mine and it really works. They also have many other really cute crocheted items. Thanks so much Sisa's Stitches and Nu AndNugs Adventures!!! Go check them out.

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